how to flirt with a guy

How do you go about flirting with a man?

Flirting is this formidable weapon. Thanks to letting go and enhancing your personality, seduction will be facilitated. And to flirt well with a man, you

have to use 4 seduction techniques that will have a considerable impact: humor, body language, communication and Kino.

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The practice of "flirting" consists first of all in using your humor well in order to play down your encounter and immediately show it your natural personality. Do not be fixed on your selection criteria by taking notes (I saw it in speed dating!), But let yourself go to take full advantage of the present moment and your ability to seduce him with humor.

Flirting is a weapon to seduce a man which consists simply in controlling your fears and no longer doubting your qualities to please a man quickly and interest him in going further.

By combining these 3 different elements you will take control of the seduction phase and be the one that attracts the men of your choice and not the other way around. Body language plays an essential role because, I'm going to be honest with you, first there is a physical attraction to the man you are going to notice. Before getting to know you, you caught your eye but not for your conversation. Using this factor does not make you a manipulator, you play with your strengths. If you work together, for example, nothing prevents you from winking at him when he is looking at you from his office, from walking past him smiling so that he does not take your eyes off you.

Seduction or rather flirting in the case that interests us today is also done during discussions. Do not hesitate to please him the goal is to seduce him and not just to talk with him. If you tell him for example that he can attract you, if you play on the fact that you saw his looks, that it makes you happy there is going to be more than a complicity that will be created. You can combine this with the Kino method which is the art of touch.

To encourage light contact, tell him that his shirt fits him while quickly placing your hand on his shoulder to pretend to touch the fabric for example. If he has a piece of jewelry on his wrist or a chain around his neck, pretend to play with it by telling him that it suits him, in order to create a real climate conducive to seduction and exchange. Flirting is knowing how to blow hot and cold by being close and not talking about rain and good weather but also by establishing a slight distance which will disturb him a little more because the man in question will have to ask questions such as "do I really like him?" "," Is she playing with me? "Or" why does she act like that when before she did not speak to me? ".

If you make him wonder like that then he is not insensitive to your actions. Therefore, it is necessary to chain after the period of flirting if you really want to put the hook on it.

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Flirting yes but after?

Flirting should not be a goal, in fact, the goal is not to attract it and then have to step back and not spend time with it. It will also be necessary to take the first step if he does not crack either because he has doubts about your feelings or because he is afraid to take the first because he is shy or that he is afraid of taking himself a rake.

I also want to note that if he does not kiss you or if he does not really commit that does not mean that he expects nothing from you, but perhaps he wants to be certain that the attraction is reciprocal and for that you can go there free and not be afraid of its reaction.

On the other hand, it is important not to commit fully from the start of the relationship, I know that it is the error of many women who put a lot of pressure from the first weeks of relationship but the flirtation must last for several months to encourage the appearance of feelings. If you want the relationship to start on a good foundation it is necessary not to ask for too much from the start but to continue in the game of seduction.
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