How to make coffee

The morning cup of coffee is the tastiest thing we can start with today, it's what makes our mornings more vibrant, energetic and brighter! So why not learn the art of making coffee with its different types and appetites ?!
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To make your mornings more beautiful and brighter, Madam, here is how to prepare 5 of the most delicious international coffees:

How to make American coffee

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To make a delicious cup of American coffee, it is recommended to use two tablespoons of coffee in 180 ml of water. You can replace cow's milk with soy milk, or you can replace sugar with honey and maple syrup, but the flavor of the coffee can change relatively.

How to make flavored coffee

There are dozens of types of flavored coffee in advance, but connoisseurs support the idea of ​​finishing your own coffee. Add the almond or vanilla concentrate to the fresh coffee, or you can also add vanilla, cardamom, cloves or anise to the ground coffee before adding water. You can sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg on the cup of coffee.

How to make iced coffee

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Flavor a cup of fresh coffee with a few drops of vanilla or almond concentrate and pour an equal amount of liquid milk and coffee into a cup filled with ice cubes.

How to make mocha coffee

To make mocha coffee, mix hot chocolate and hot coffee in equal quantities, then add milk or cream, cocoa powder and cinnamon. For more fun, add some free spices!

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Coffee-making secrets

1 This method provides a strong flavor and taste, in which it appears as a simple caramel flavored with coffee .. put in a coffee pot (kneel) first, a tablespoon of large coffee and a teaspoon of sugar.
Raise the pot on the heat, without adding water, and stir the coffee and sugar over a low heat for a minute, no more, then pour the water into the pot, and leave it until it boils.
(If there is no desire for sugar or sugar taste, you can try the same method by heating coffee only and then adding water)

2 In order to get the most coffee foam possible in the cup, put cold water from the refrigerator one cup, put a tablespoon of large coffee, and a little sugar, and stir the water well. After that, lift the guide on the coffee.
When the coffee starts to boil, remove the evidence from the heat, stir it well, and then put it back on a strong fire, and boil again, pour the coffee into the cup and notice the foam

3 In order to obtain a cup of coffee without residue, add a teaspoon of cold water to the coffee pot, and wait half a minute, you will notice that the coffee residue settled to the bottom.

 4 In order to get a stronger smell of a cup of coffee, add only 3 crystals of salt to each coffee pot for one cup (3 crystals for two cups) You will get a smell more elegant and tastier.

5 If you want to get a strong, strong taste of coffee, as soon as the coffee starts to boil, remove the piece from the heat, remove the foam, and stir the container well with the spoon, then return it to the fire .. Repeat this process 3 times to get a stronger taste of coffee, as if it was the essence of the concentrated coffee.

6 If you want to have a completely different coffee, with a heavy and soft taste at the same time, add half a teaspoon of butter to the coffee when preparing it, and note the difference and taste.

7 If you prefer a cup of coffee without caffeine, you can add two grains of cardamom in the coffee pot, cardamom destroys caffeine without changing the beneficial properties of coffee, and gives a nicer scent to your coffee.

These were 7 tips and secrets for the best ways to prepare coffee .. Try it and choose what suits you best.
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