How to make a guy like you

When a girl meets a young man and discovers that he has all the ingredients that make him a man of her dreams, she wants him to fall in love with her and admire him, so we will talk about it in several articles if the girl follows her, she can get the heart of the man of her dreams.

be yourself
It is clear that there is no advice which in turn helps to make someone fall in love with you, indeed we find that there are manipulation methods in this regard and can have an impact significant on the other part, but unfortunately, these methods have an impact that does not last forever and will not make us live In happiness and love throughout life, this is why we must all know that the manipulation does not lead to true love, it is only instant admiration but not true love that lasts a lifetime.

That's what motivated me to write the first tip, to be yourself. If you want, my daughter, to have a lasting relationship with the man of your dreams, and you want him to fall in love with you. You should make him love as you are without manipulation or falsehood, all you have to do is real and not false and do not pretend what is not in you, and this will distinguish you from others.

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Pay more attention to your inner beauty than your outer beauty
The first impression in any relationship is very important, because there is a saying that says, "A man loves his eyes," and this statement is true to some extent, especially at the start of the relationship.

But you should know, my dear sister, that a man is not only attracted to your outward appearance, but that he admires your general appearance and also cares about the inner and outer beauty of women, and beauty does not mean not that my lady puts a lot of cosmetics or colors your hair in the beauty salon.

The secret here is your interest in showing your natural beauty by following only a few cosmetic tips, but don't make cosmetics hide your natural features and your simple beauty, take care of yourself, girl and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

You have to take into account that external beauty is not everything, because the person distinguished for you will look in you and love you as you are, and he will love every detail of your nature, for that I care about your internal beauty, the good qualities of your character and your heart, and your sincerity, these are the things that attract man.

Smile and be positive
When you are a source of positive energy, you will be attractive to those around you, so we are all looking for positive energy and all those who give it to us, and one of the most important tips we give to all the girls smile, when you smile, everything smiles at you, and you are that way you can convince the person in front of the extent of the positive of your personality And the communication between you is much easier.

Avoid sitting in gossip and do not enter into negative conversations and discussions with others. The girl who does this loses her appeal. Men are attracted to the happy girl who radiates happiness and joy with others.

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Don't show him all your feelings for him
If you love this person to the point of madness, do not rush and show them what feelings you have for him, until you are certain of your worth for him, and do not make him feel how much he is important to you, as it can give him a little confusion and fear.

It is not what I mean that you are in a state of indifference and neglect, but the intention here is to give the opportunity to your relationship to develop, and everything comes with its time, wait until the time for the expression of feelings comes and gets closer to each other, and only then can you tell yourself how many feelings are in the heart You two to each other.

But it is necessary at the start of the relationship not to express senseless feelings, an excessive degree of love, as this can expose you to this person to repel attempts to bond with you, due to the confusion that you have caused.

Listen more than you speak
The listener is a very intelligent person, he is credible and leaves a good impression on whoever speaks to him, and it is a good way to communicate with others and therefore your personal character appears, that you are a person characterized by thoughtfulness, patience and impulsiveness

Do not talk too much, until you give him a great opportunity to express everything that is repeated in his mind, and you should not impose your opinion on him, then each of us has his own opinions and accepts not that the
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