How to make Rice water

Rice water for beauty

Rice is one of the main dishes in many countries in the world, especially Asian, and just as people included it in their diet, it was also included in cosmetic systems, and it is surprising that rice water that is usually disposed of has many aesthetic benefits because it contains vitamin B, Vitamin C, vitamin E, many minerals, and eight essential amino acids.  Benefits of rice water for the skin The benefits of rice water are priceless despite being inexpensive, even better than commercial bleaching serums because it brightens the skin, makes it bright, smooth, and flawless, and removes sunspots and other spots, in addition to removing Wrinkles, aging lines, and rice water contain antioxidants that heal acne, reduce its appearance, remove impurities from the skin, and reduce the size of pores. Below you can learn more about the benefits of rice water for the skin:
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Skin toner: rice water is one of the best toners for the skin, because it tightens, softens it, and makes it radiant by freshness, by immersing a cotton ball in a bowl of rice water, and massaging the face skin with it, and within a week the results will be observed.  Acne treatment: By applying rice water to the affected area, using a cotton ball, which reduces redness and the appearance of acne. Skin whitening: Rice water is more effective in lightening the skin than the commercial products intended for that. With time, the skin will be lightened and nourished, by massaging the skin with it using the fingertips for several minutes, then leaving it to dry in the air.
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Methods of preparing rice water

There are two ways to prepare rice water, which are

How to prepare boiled rice water

Rinse a cup of rice with clean water. Pour three cups of water over cooked rice in a pan without covering it. Once the rice is cooked, the water is filtered into a clean container. And when it cools, put it in an airtight container, put it in the fridge, and it can be kept for a week. If necessary, one or two tablespoons are extracted, diluted in a glass of water and stirred well.

How to make rice water without boiling it

Rinse a cup of rice, then add two cups of water. The rice is soaked in water for 15 to 30 minutes. Stir the rice after the time has elapsed, then strain the water into another bowl. The rice water is transferred to a container, kept in the refrigerator, it can be kept for 3 to 4 days and shaken well before use.
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