How to tie a bow tie

How to tie a bow tie

A tie is a very unusual and interesting accessory that should be present in every man's wardrobe. It will perfectly decorate any suit or evening and help complete your elegant look.

Tying a tie is not as difficult as it sounds. Anyone who knows how to tie shoelaces will be able to tie a tie, because the same regular knots are used. Knowing the basic rules for this simple matter, you can properly tie this fashion accessory around your neck if you do it step by step.

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Step by step instructions

The first step is to determine the size of the bow tie. In order to tie a tie correctly, you first need to lift the shirt collar, and this will greatly facilitate your mission, since the ties will be completely visible and will not bother you. For those who tie a tie for the first time, be sure to stand in front of the mirror and straighten.

To get the correct location for a tie on the neck, you need to measure its circumference correctly. It is best to make measurements in centimeters, which is important to place them correctly on the neck: The centimeters should be in the lower point of the Adam's apple in the front and just below the middle of the neck in the back. An important rule: the index finger should pass between the tape measure and the neck, this is necessary so that the bow tie sits comfortably in the future and will not rub the neck, and this tie will be very comfortable to wear.

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Some of these extensions have markings indicating the length of their circumference. That is, if you already know the circumference of your neck, it will be easy for you to choose the size that suits you, so initially check if the size is not shown in the bow tie.

The next thing you need to do is put the tie on the bottom of the shirt collar, as if it were tops him, and attach his hanging edges. The left side should be three to five centimeters shorter than the right. If you are left-handed, it is best to do the opposite with the shorter edge of the tie, since most procedures for attaching this accessory will do with the side where the butterfly portion is shorter. Therefore, you have to take this fact into consideration when tying a tie.

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The second step is a direct draw. First you need to cross the ends of this accessory, with a longer end at the short edge of the butterfly. The edges should cross tightly around your neck, since the tie should be held firmly, so you should not allow it to hang or hang around your neck. But it is important to leave a distance at the neck that is suitable for you to work with the butterfly when tying.

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In the resulting loop, you need to cut the long end of the tie with one hand, that is, you should have a normal knot. On the other hand, the butterfly should be held where it crosses a tip at the neck.

Then you have to take the long end and throw it at the junction of the edges of the bow tie. If you have the opportunity, it is better after these procedures to tighten the tie more tightly, if that does not create a nuisance for you.

After tightening the butterfly, it is best to move the long end to the right, towards the shoulder, as you will not need it anymore. Take the second edge to the left and bend it so that the fold is directed to the right side and the edge looking to the left looks like a tie already tied. Then you need to lift this part and rotate it ninety degrees in order for the ring to rejoice later, which should be located in the same place as the right edge that you have stapled on your shoulder. This fold will later be the front loop of the already tied tie, which can be seen in the collar The shirt is between its corners.

The resulting ring must be covered on the other end of the tie that you previously lifted. The long edge, located on the shoulder, should be placed in the loop just made. Continuing along the edges of the resulting loop, connect together so that the edge is located above the loop in the middle. The top end should be between the edges of the rings.

Next you need to pull the middle part of the free suspension tip into the pre-made knot. It forms the back of a knotted tie. Therefore, after performing all of the above procedures, you get two separate parts of the butterfly, which you took in the previously completed steps.

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The third step is to withdraw. It is necessary to tighten the resulting bow tie, for this you need to stretch in opposite directions. To loosen the bow tie slightly, you should pull the right front end from the opposite left back edge. On the contrary, in order to tighten the necktie, you need to pull the left front and back edge. These procedures must be performed to give your supplement the desired shape and flexibility.

At the end of the tie, you need to arrange them exactly, that is, align them to give the desired shape. To simplify this procedure, first loosen the butterfly, and when you're done, tighten it again the way you see fit. Now you can lower the shirt collar again, because all necessary procedures are completed with a bow tie, it is tied! Important tip: it is best to sometimes check at least if the necktie has retained its previous appearance and does not allow disengagement.

Before you start to tie a tie around your neck, try to tie a tie on the thigh part of the leg first. So it will be more appropriate for you to hold your hands, you will not tire and you will be able to understand the general principle of this work. It is advised to exercise it on the thigh, because, as a rule, its circumference coincides with the circumference of the neck. If the above procedures seem complicated to you, try to imagine that you are not tying an ordinary tie, but rather regular shoelaces, because the knot used depends on the same procedures as any other normal knot
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