How to tie a tie

About Tie

A man does not dispense with “tie” or “kraft” especially for formal and special occasions, as this tie adds to the suit attractive and elegance, and its color and “model” are coordinated according to the color of the suit, shirt and even the shoe. The tie has the advantage of being placed in more than one way and manner, and often people find it difficult to master how to tie it or how to start the knot correctly.

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And before you see how the tie ties you to some important informat

History of tie

How tie a tie

ion about the necktie and another name, "Kofta", which is a piece of cloth that is worn with business craft and worn by men more than women, and it has several designs until the fashion has reached until some of these kraft are made Or neckties with clothes that do not belong to the field of business such as T-shirt and jeans, and the appearance of fashions of fashions also appeared on the clips of the artists and some films, and if we went back a little, we would have found that the first people who made kraft were the Croatian people, specifically the armies where the women were in wartime Ties on top Their husbands and the combatants as a kind of loyalty and love for them and I do not know frankly what is the love emanating from this cloth that is tied to the necks, but it is perhaps like roses for them. Looking through that topic, I found that some of the members of that army, who are being held captive, are executed by hanging through the necktie that he wears.

After that, with the intensification of the wars at that time between the French and the Croats, these fabrics raised the interest of the French leaders until most of them wore them as uniforms on the allowances for their work, and from here they began to spread, as the name of the craft came from the French, and with the circulation of these cloths as an adornment on clothing, it became the most famous country in Its industry and designs are the Italian state, and the prevalence of these decorations has become like a festive love for it in the year, a special day to celebrate it they call it the International Day of Necktie.
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