How to write a summary

Research summary

Essays and research are used as a form of knowledge generated, which clarifies information about the experience and its results. The research generally consists of seven main sections: title, summary, introduction, method, results, discussion, references, and the research summary or summary is a set of clear, short, and brief paragraphs that contains the most important research information. , its objectives and its results in a simple and clear manner for the reader.

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Steps to Summarize the Research

This is done in simple steps, as follows: Determine your goal; this is the first thing you need to do, and that is first clearing the search, that is, reading everything from start to finish, then dividing it into paragraphs. Then you define your thoughts and define your goal of summarizing the material, whether the purpose of this summary is to take notes to later recall the article, or whether it is intended to summarize it for inclusion as part of the research. In each paragraph you read, find the basic sentences there or write the basic point of each paragraph and focus on the most important parts. After reading the research and highlighting the most important key points, take notes in your own words and rewrite your ideas with slight wording changes, as you should be able to clearly explain the study in brief and at your way, as long as it's clear to anyone who wants to read this Search

Writing a research summary

The purpose of the research summary is to give the reader a brief overview of the study and to intensify this information to help them understand the research subject, or to clarify information that was vague or that they did not know. couldn't understand by reading the research, then writing your first draft and following the research paragraphs conservatively. In the same order, the following steps can help you write: At the beginning, write the research question and its title and explain why it is so interesting and if it is examined. This encourages the reader to read the research and also helps them remember and focus on their idea. Put the tested hypotheses in a bullet without explaining them. Briefly describe the methods used for the research and how you analyze the data. Write a description of the results and explain the main effects, while avoiding overestimating their importance. Leave some adjustment space, as you can briefly explain the assumptions you used and their results, or change some errors. Continue to write the document while remaining focused on the problem you want, provided it is brief, avoiding details and generalities. It is important to write this summary that it is clearly presented for study, so you must ensure that it is complete and accurate. Use easy, scientifically precise language and avoid using vague signs. Reread what you wrote and have someone read it to find out what is missing or how clear it is

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