five love languages: online read and free download

About the book

Do you and your partner speak the same language of love? He sends flowers to you when what you really need is a time to chat, and she embraces you at the time when you really need a well-cooked home meal .. The problem is not in your love, but in your language of love.
In this best-selling book globally, Dr. Gary Chapman reveals how different people express their love differently, and in fact there are five multiple languages ​​for love, which are:
Devoting time, words of encouragement, exchange of gifts, service works, physical contact.

What means a lot to you may not mean anything to your partner, but finally you will find the key to understanding the other's special needs, applying the correct principles, and learning the right language, and soon you will enjoy a deep sense of contentment and happiness for being able to express love, and for your feeling that you are Really liked to meet this.
(If I could have delivered a copy of this book to every husband and wife in this country and tell him, I wrote this book for you, and I hope that your life will change, and if you benefit from it, give it to someone else and since I cannot do this, I will be happy if I give this copy of this The book is for your family, your brothers and sisters, as well as for your married children, your employees, and your comrades in the club, and who knows, maybe we can achieve our dreams.

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