How to backup Iphone

The Iphone backup process is very important and the reason for this is due to the ability to retrieve important data and necessary personal information in the event that this device is stolen, burned, destroyed, or damaged.

Backup benefits

If you want to back up the device, you are copying all device settings, all application data, ringtones, music, app passwords and everything on the device.

Where you can also copy all the pictures and videos that are on the device, then the backup is done by: iCloud or iTunes, where these two methods are different from each other in terms of the place of copying.

through which the save is made, where they in turn perform the backup , And save them to the iTunes device or to a Mac that is on your personal computer.

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How to backup Iphone[/caption]

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Is iPhone backup important?

Of course, the backup is very important, since if your device is stolen, lost, or broken or damaged, then you have secured your data and information on the device, and no one can access it, then your data on the device will be really safe .

What data does the iPhone copy?

The backup process takes all the data on your device, be it videos, photos, music, names, numbers, and tones, and it can backup your mail and phone records.

Is when the backup is restored, the work of the iPhone becomes slow?

The process of restoring the backup copy is a new data entry for your device, but in the nature of the event that you have made a backup copy of your iPhone on an iPhone 7 device, and you want to restore it on iPhone 4, is this reasonable that a modern device can accommodate a backup copy of a less-updated device from him.

How to backup iPhone

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How to backup Iphone[/caption]

Create iPhone backups using iTunes

IPhone backup can be done using iTunes, by following these steps: Open the iTunes app on the device.
Connect an iPhone to a computer.
Enter the device password if requested, and follow the steps that appear on the screen.
Determine the device type, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod when it appears on iTunes. Click on Back Up Now, or on encryption if you want to save health information and activities, and then create a password that is easy to remember.
Writing down the password or keeping it in a safe place, because iTunes backups cannot be recovered without this password.
The backup can be successfully confirmed from the screen that appears in iTunes, when the process is finished, so that the most recently saved copy is shown, along with the time and date.

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Create iPhone backups Using iCloud

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IPhone backups can be made using iCloud, by following these steps:
Open the settings on the phone.
Click on the username, and then on iCloud.
Click on iCloud Backup.
Turn on the backup key in iCloud, until automatic backup is on. Click on Back Up Now, until the backup is saved to the phone.


With backups you can copy device settings, application data, home screen, organize applications, ringtones, password, and other data, and only back up photos and videos if the user does not already have an iCloud photo library enabled on iPhone and iPad and Mac, the backup can be done using iCloud and iTunes, and the two methods are different from each other where the copies are stored, so iCloud backups are stored in iCloud, and iTunes backups are stored on a Mac or PC.
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