How to be more confident

Self-confidence is the key to academic excellence, successful social relationships, and an influential and loved personality.

Make sure to build your confidence from now on.

Each of us has a mental image of himself, what he looks like, what are his advantages and weaknesses.

Over time, this mental picture develops, which is usually based on the interaction between us and others, and on our experiences in life.

It is this same image that helps you build your self-confidence and self-esteem.

At a time when a self-confident person enjoys his ability to feel satisfied with himself, his appreciation for the value of his existence in life, and his pride in his skills, abilities, and potentials, he suffers from those who do not feel self-confidence with a kind of inferiority, and they cannot do their jobs well.

Believing that no one can like or accept them.

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We have all experienced many problems, with self-esteem and self-confidence at certain times in our lives, especially during our teenage years.
Because our image of ourselves changes over time, the amount of our self-esteem and our self-confidence are not fixed, which means that you can work to improve your self-confidence.

How important is self-confidence?

The way we feel about ourselves greatly affects how we live our lives.

People who have self-confidence have better relationships, and they are also more demanding to help and support friends and family when they need it.

Moreover, they are the best in school. Finally, self-confidence will allow you to accept yourself and live as fully as possible.
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Steps to improve and build self-confidence

[1] Posture
 The position of the body and the way of standing reflect a good impression on the person around him, and it gives him a feeling of self-confidence and relief, so the person must strive to stand upright and at a steady pace in order to enjoy more confidence and attractiveness in front of people and in front of himself.

[2] Positive thinking upon failure
The person must know that failure over and over is nothing but evidence of the amount and magnitude of the challenges that he takes and faces in his life, for this he must know and learn to regain his strength and stand on his feet again and move forward with confidence, for failure is not the end but rather the beginning that the individual learns from During it.

[3] Waiting with words
Talking and talking to people slowly and slowly gives the person a sense of self-confidence, as he finds himself aware of what he says and feels that what he says is important and valuable, unlike what happens when people speak quickly and feel the lack of attention and listening to those around them.

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  [4] Notification of achievements
Writing down achievements and successes, whether big or small, and including them in a list is important to enhance and strengthen self-confidence and self, as it allows the person to see, realize and know his abilities in more positive and realistic ways.

[5] Lack of comparison
A person should focus his attention and focus on the abilities he possesses that make him a unique, successful, and distinct person from others, and not look or compare himself to others, because drifting behind these negative thinking patterns will shake his confidence.

[6] Smile

Smiling is a key to good relationships and interactions between people, as people are affectionate for the smiling person because that smile gives the impression of people that he is a friendly person and that dealing with him will be easy, not to mention the feeling of self-confidence that emits with the person himself that is socially acceptable.
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