How to get rid of love handles

You are looking for ways to get rid of love, and ask yourself: “How do I get rid of someone’s love?”

Well, this article is for addicted to love and pain, there are many people, male and female, who turn to love and love them to those who do not accept this love.

And do not open their arms to him, but ignore him, and do not turn to him, but that what increases the pain of the loving and adoring person.

That this person turns to another with his love, and this afflicts many with a feeling of refraction, disappointment, and weakness, and to convey the feeling of defeat, so what is more difficult for the lover to feel that he is a deficient person.

And what is more difficult to feel that someone is better than him, or to feel inferiority, what is the solution To get rid of this addiction, and what is the solution to get rid of the torment of feeling inferior first, and the feeling of weakness second, We will try and study in this article, why a person is attracted to those he does not love.

Then address the ways to treat this addiction to pain, and try to stop the bleeding of feelings, towards a new, successful beginning.

Why does a person like what he does not like:

Real admiration:

It may actually be true love. A girl or young person admires the other party, if he is handsome, or his character, or his actions. In this case, the other party may not see the same reasons to admire the first party, his character may not suit him, or that the level of his beauty or nature does not correspond to his view of what He desires it, and the last possibility is that the second party actually does not like him, and his feelings are negative towards the loving person.


One of the reasons that a person desires another man who does not like him is curiosity, as he desires to discover it, get to know him, that view of him, simulate his actions, and register him in the list of the lover in his title, things that may backfire, so that this lover becomes loved by several people And on several occasions, and for various reasons, which is very negative for the lover, as he becomes living a state of accumulation and delusions.

Love of ownership:

It is one of the human natures, that a person desires to own others, especially those he loves, without thinking about the desires of others, whether they wish to do so or not, and it is one of the desirable traits of all people, and it is even if it motivates a person to work hard to achieve what he desires, but it means Also selfish and self-love.

Love of Challenge:

That is, for a person to want to challenge himself or others with his ability to make the other love him, and he may indulge in a complete manner in this regard to the point that he becomes truly loved, and thus the magic turns against the magician.

Means to get rid of the love of those who do not love you:

Here is a set of tips to help you stop loving someone who does not love you and get rid of thinking about it:

1 - Accept pain and regret, but not to be held captive by him:

There is nothing to prevent the lover from feeling sorry and sorry that the other person does not feel his love and his love and his guardianship of him, but sometimes this matter may be a reason for venting from what is inside the mother, but on the condition that he knows when he should stop coexisting with this situation to start a stage Others from life are far from this situation, and he must know that there is a new beginning after all this regret that he is experiencing, and he must realize that there is a beginning for each end.

2- Stay as far away from this person as possible:

The proverb says (Out of sight, out of heart), and this clause applies to this case, so anyone who wants to get rid of the one-party love story must start disposing of that person's phone number, and his online accounts like Facebook, until he knows that he cannot communicate With him, at least easily if he suffers from psychological weakness.

3- You have to be convinced that you are better off without it:

He who wants to move away from his beloved is fully convinced that he is better and will be in a more stable condition. Whoever continues with him, he must realize that this person is his weak point and therefore must get rid of this point, so that he becomes better, stronger, and more stable.

4- Not to place blame on the other side:

It is not permissible to blame the other party because it did not exchange feelings of love towards it, just as the matter of love and adoration is not voluntary for you, as it is for the other side, and these are things that are often involuntary, and are not subject to control and control by a person.

5- Get rid of all the things that remind you of it:

You should get rid of the souvenirs, which remind you of it, for example that there is a common picture of both of you with friends, or if he participated in one of his birthdays and presented a gift to him, these things will always return the feelings to the other party, without controlling it.

6- Talk to another person about this condition:

It is useful to share with someone who carries confidence and respect about these feelings, as he may give some advice to get rid of this love, and he may help with it. This thing helps bring the pain out.

7- Busy yourself to avoid thinking about it:

It may be very beneficial for the lover to occupy himself with things that help him get rid of thinking about this person. For example, if he occupies himself with work, or some hobbies, which will take him from these atmospheres to new atmospheres, and this matter is often beneficial to people who are addicted to loving someone or something.

8- Avoid relapse again:

This condition affects some people who may think that they have passed the stage of that person, and they may experience a sudden relapse, so they should take care as a companion to them, they would avoid sharing the person who loves hobbies and works, and in general they should avoid being with him in one place.

9- Try to find another love:

Nothing forgets a failed love, like a new love story, but it must be successful, and the other party will exchange feelings of love.
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