How to type faster

Writing is very fun, especially if you are the type to love it. When an idea comes to your head or if you just want to connect and express something, the feeling of scribbling things on the computer is great. Did you know that being able to write faster makes you more productive?

In this article, you'll learn how to write faster with some helpful tips and methods:

I)Typing using pc keyboard

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1- Work on your own workspace and writing area

Many people think that fast and correct typing will start when you can master keyboard handling. But the truth is, you'll need to start getting a clean, airy, and comfortable workspace. Also, for optimal writing you will need to have a table that is easy to move around and use and not a laptop or put your computer on your lap.

If you have been working for a long time, make sure you are comfortable.

2- Fix your sitting position

If you want to write well, you must have a correct sitting position supported straight up, with your feet slightly spaced on the floor. You should also position your wrists in such a way that your fingers cover the keyboard. Tilt your head slightly as you can look at the screen correctly as well.
Adjust your office chair so you can easily move around on the bench and find a proper position.

3- Maintain this position

It is also important to maintain this position while writing. Make sure your position is good, that way, you will be able to avoid getting pain in your wrists. These pains have a way to slow you down and keep you away from the rhythm.

Prevent your back and shoulders from bending, and while relaxation should be your main goal during your work, also be sure to stay straight.

4- Get used to the keyboard

The keyboard is your method now, so you will need to know it. Fortunately for you, most keyboards you see will use the same design; QWERTY layout. It is called because of the letters that make the upper left corner. You'll also find that many keyboards have keys around these key keys that they have multiple times.

So, keep your letter key positions and some of the most used punctuation marks. You will need to understand where they are without looking at the keyboard. This is the only way to learn to write quickly.

5- Close your eyes and say the letters out loud as you press them

Another great way to find out where these characters are is to search for them directly and directly on the screen. After that, pronounce the keys while pressing them and see if they are correct. This step will go a long way in helping you memorize keys, and it can help you easily

6- Start slowly with touch writing

Improving your speed while writing is a matter of developing your skills over time. However, the fastest way to master writing is touch writing. If this is your first time writing with touch, you may spend a lot of time on this step. However, once you can type without looking at the keys, your speed will increase.

Now, this writing method may feel a little strange, but you will improve over time.

7- Hold it and do not look at your hands

The whole essence of this step is to prevent you from looking at the keyboard as you type, so your fingers are designed to figure out how the keys work.

Again, you may find that your speed slows down when you start, but you just have to stick to it. Touch writing will help you reach higher speeds and master them.

8- Practice, practice, practice

Mastering the technique of touch writing will prove to be a little difficult, but once your position is raised and you place your fingers where you should be, you can only improve through practice.

Keep some time on a daily basis to practice and master accuracy and speed. With constant practice, you'll also notice fewer mistakes over time.

9- Check out some games or lessons online

There are also some websites that can help you in your practice. They record and record your words per minute, so you can try to improve your record and compete with others as well. Here are some great sites:

Typing Club
The Typing Cat

II) Typing using smartphone:

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We will give you a detailed guide that will help you write faster on your Android device. With the use of an app and some advanced typing methods, you can easily write faster on Android. So take a look at this whole guide and discussed below to get going.

Today the whole world is based almost on the Internet and today is based almost all the work on the computer and the smartphone and these devices are essential and you have to have speed and skills while typing. Without this, you cannot work quickly and efficiently. Similarly, chatting with friends on social networks must be written quickly to overcome different situations. So, we're here today to get a guide that we're going to discuss here that will help you type faster on your Android device. With the use of an application and with certain advanced writing methods.

Here we are going to discuss three ways to help you write faster on your Android device. We therefore recommend that you follow all the steps that will help you write faster with Android.

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# 1 use a custom keyboard app

There are many features in keyboard apps, but third-party apps are good in this development as these third-party apps have lots of features that allow you to type well. As these applications have a better writing interface and are ideally designed to reach the finger and write better. One of the best keyboard apps is SwiftKey Keyboard What I use personally and many of my friends, this app provides the best typing keyboard where writing is easy and efficient. So try this great application on Android.

# 2 using the prediction function of the keyboard application

Prediction is one of the best ways to increase typing speed. We use as many words in our script on our machine. This predictive function stores these words, so you have a quick option to select them immediately as you go. as you type. In Android.

# 3 using the Swipe function

Contains applications such as Swiftkey Keyboard In the quick scroll option which first captures the scroll gestures, then the words you want to define, when you store them, you can access them quickly as you type. Also below the storage where there is still a password and the type of keywords that appear when you pass your finger on the keyboard.
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