Muslim Spain: the book

Muslim Spain: the book

Muslim domination in Spain began in 711 with the landing of the Berber Tarik, spread quickly thanks to the Umayyad prince Abdar Rahman, who founded the emirate of Cordoba (756) and culminated at the end of the 10th century. 
The author depicts the deeds and the civilization of the great emirs who consolidated, enlarged the kingdom and fought the Christian kingdoms of the north of the peninsula. 
It gives a large place to the role of Moslem Spain, all confused religions, in the transmission of the thought and works of the writers, philosophers and mathematicians of ancient Greece, to the "intellectuals" of Occident.
 It depicts the development of architecture, the influence of which spread throughout central France and Hispano-Muslim society.
 It was the recovery of Toledo in 1085 that was the first major stage of the "Reconquista".
 In 1270, Muslim Spain was reduced to the small kingdom of Granada which remained for another 222 years, and whose conquest by the Catholic Monarchs completed
the unity of the peninsula.

Author: André Clot
Publisher: Tempus / perrin
Collection: Tempus
Date of publication: 06/01/2005
EAN13: 9782262023010
French language
Category: History
Number of pages: 430

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