How to draw eyebrows at home

How to draw eyebrows 

The eyebrows are the most important detail in a woman's face and give her features that set her apart. However, controlling the eyebrows can be difficult for some women, especially in terms of choosing the appropriate model for the shape of their faces and the way to draw eyebrows correctly.
 If you are one of the ladies who washed long hours in front of a mirror to draw eyebrows without succeeding in that, do not worry we will facilitate this task for you. How? In this article, we will show you in detail how to draw eyebrows.

How to draw eyebrows at home

How to draw eyebrows at home

The eyebrow is drawn by following several steps, and the steps are:

[2] Fixing the end of the inner brow

First, you must determine the point from which the brow will start, and the way to implement this step is:

[2] Required Courses:

 A pen, or a ruler.
 Eyebrow pencil.
Work steps: The pen is placed vertically next to the edge of the outer corner of the nose toward the inner corner of this eye, in the case of desire with two eyebrows separated. The pen is placed perpendicular to the nasal septum in the case of desire with two eyebrows close. Then draw a straight line marking the start of the brow with the eyebrow pencil. The same steps apply to the other eyebrow.

Determine the crest of the eyebrow arc

Second, the prominent edge of the eyebrow should be located and positioned, and before starting with this step the mirror must be looked upright, the face straight forward, the eye straight, and the steps are:
 Required Courses:

Eyebrow pencil. Ruler.

 Action steps: The pen is placed on the edge of the outer corner of the nose, toward the pupil, that it passes at the farthest angle from the outer corner of the nose, and then passes on the pupil of the eye. A marker is used using the eyebrow pen, which then locates the top of the eyebrow arch. The same steps are repeated with the other eyebrow.

Determine the end of the external eyebrow

 Thirdly, this step shows the end of the external eyebrow, and the steps are:
[2] Required materials: eyebrow pencil. Ruler.
Action steps: The pen, or ruler, is placed on the outer edge of the nose, to pass toward the end of the outer edge of the eye, and in this way the point at which the eyebrow can end is known, and a mark is placed to identify it. Repeat the same steps on the other eyebrow.

 Draw a line down the eyebrow

 Fourth, this step determines the thickness of the brow, and the method is:
[2] Required materials: eyebrow pencil.
Action Steps: Draw a line under the eyebrow that matches the shape of the eyebrow curves with an eyebrow pencil.


 Fifthly, after determining the shape of the eyebrow with a pen, strains of hair can be located outside the specified marks, and under the line that was drawn in the previous step, so in this step the hair strays are plucked, and the method is:
[2] Required materials: forceps. snow.
Work steps: The area is numbed with ice in case of sensitive eyebrows. The electrolytes that are outside the marks are plucked under the streak, which was defined in the previous step.
 It is preferable that the width of the eyebrow at the thicker area be one centimeter, and the thin area be half a centimeter.
 Hair irons can be plucked over the eyebrow, while preserving the natural arch shape of the brow.

Eyebrows trim

How to draw eyebrows at home

 Sixth, after obtaining the eyebrow shape, the hair of the eyebrow can be very long, and requires trim, and the method is:
[2] Required materials: eyebrows scissors. Eyebrow brush.
 Action Steps: Comb the eyebrow up with the eyebrow brush. Hair that goes beyond the natural limits of the hairline is cut. The same steps are performed on the other eyebrow.

 Fill in the blanks

Seventh, this step depends on the hair color of the eyebrows; to choose the color of the pen that is used to fill the voids in the eyebrow, and the pen can be replaced with eye shadow, not to be glossy, and this method can be applied in the case of eyebrows very light, or very dark, and the method is:
[2] Required materials: eyebrow pencil, and its color is chosen according to the color of the eyebrow, as follows:
Light eyebrows; eyebrow pencil is used two shades darker than the hair color.
 Dark eyebrows; use a pen with a lighter shade of hair color two degrees.
 Work steps: tighten the skin at the temple, and draw a smooth line along the top edge, then along the bottom edge, and make feathered strokes with the pen to fill between the two edges. The pen is then incorporated.

Fixing the eyebrows

 Eighth, in this step you can use transparent eyebrows gel, or transparent mascara to prevent eyebrows smudging, the method is:
[2] Required materials: transparent eyebrow gel. Mascara brush. Action steps: Comb the eyebrow hair with a brush, toward the natural hair straightening. The gel is applied to keep hair in place.
Draw eyebrows appropriate to the shape of the face
 There are six facial shapes, and the way to choose the right eyebrow shape for them:
[3] Long face: suitable for flat eyebrows, with slight curvature, and a slight downward curve, or without curvature.

Circular face: suitable for acute eyebrows at the arch of the eyebrow, and in the case of unwillingness, the eyebrows can be smooth curved, but they should not be round in shape.

 The oval face: fits in with a slight arc, avoiding dramatic eyebrows. Square face: this shape of the facade fits with round-shaped eyebrows.
 The face in the shape of the heart: round, low-arched eyebrows are suitable for this face if the chin is tapered, but in the case the face is short, the sharp arc appears more appropriate.
Diamond face: suitable for round eyebrows.

Eyebrow correction tips

 There are several things to consider when it comes to eyebrows, including: [4] Not widening the gap between the eyebrows, when plucking the eyebrow, and this can be determined as mentioned in the first step. The color of the eyebrows does not match the hair color, and it is preferable to choose brown with a slight inclination to the color of the hair. Not to ignore the natural curvature of the eyebrow, and to match the top edge of the arch with the bottom edge of it when plucking the eyebrow. The voids must be filled into the brow, using an eyebrow pencil with an appropriate color tone.
 Not to pluck the eyebrows, so that the brow loses its natural look.
Lack of trying to perfectly match the shape of the eyebrows together, as it is possible to end with excessive plucking.
Very long eyebrows dominate facial features, and very short eyebrows make the nose and eyes larger, so the length of the eyebrow is determined according to the third step as mentioned earlier.
 Filling and coloring the eyebrows should be a final step after applying makeup, to better suit the face.

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